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IN-Home Alcohol Testing

An Innovative Handheld Breathalyzer

SL2 Handheld Breathalyzer

Today’s mobile world requires mobile solutions. The SL2 is the first truly mobile handheld alcohol monitoring solution. The SL2 is a patented, discreet cellular device that transmits breath alcohol tests directly from the SL2 Breathalyzer to its monitoring website. The SL2 has a proven track record in Criminal Justice and Addiction Treatment with a presence in all 50 states and Canada.

How It Works
During the breath test, the SL2 takes a picture of the user to confirm their identity. The real-time photo and breath alcohol results are wirelessly transmitted on Verizon’s Private Network to its Monitoring Web Portal. Real-time alerts can be set up for contacts to be notified when signs of a relapse occur, such as a missed or positive test.

SL2 Features:

  • · Handheld, discreet, user-friendly
  • · High-resolution camera for user verification
  • · Professional Grade fuel cell
  • · GPS location
  • · Lithium-ion battery; 5+ day battery life
  • · Cellular transmission on Verizon’s hosted Private Network

In Home Confinement with Alcohol Testing

3M MEMS3000 In-Home Alcohol Monitor

MEMS3000 alcohol testing machine

The 3M MEMS3000 is a state of the art in-home alcohol-monitoring device. It was created to work with the courts and probation to monitor regular alcohol test results from clients currently in home confinement. The device can also be used to the participant's benefit by proving their sobriety to the courts through test data over an extended period of time. Law enforcement and the occasional parent desiring to test their children also use these devices.

How It Works
The 3M MEMS3000 works by occasionally and consistently requiring an alcohol breath test to be taken by the participant. During each test the machine takes a colored, detailed photo to show the courts who is taking it. The test result and photo are then immediately sent to the probation and/or courts through any phone line within the home. Due to the required frequent testing the machine also doubles over as a location monitor by showing where the test was taken.

$155.00 per month (30 days).
In-home alcohol testing and home confinement - $165 per month (30 days).
$50 Activation fee

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