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    Utah Based Interlock Company
  • draeger interlock
    Draeger XT Interlock a trusted name in the breath Industry.
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    Takes Alcohol Breath Test Before Powering Ignition
  • draeger interlock camera
    ...comes with camera for identity verification
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    Safely Held in Place for Anytime Testing.
  • 3M MEMS3000 In-Home Alcohol Unit
    Take alcohol tests from home.

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No Need to Worry

We make the initial appointment experience a pleasant one. Here is everything you need to know about the installation process.


We know this is a new experience for almost every customer. We make sure they have the skills and knowledge needed to leave feeling confident about the interlock device.

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Among Friends

At Affordable Interlock we care about our customers and want to make the process as friendly as possible.


Our team at Affordable Interlock understands that for many individuals, having an interlock device installed in their car can feel embarrassing and uncomfortable. We want you to know we understand what you are going through and we are not here to judge but to help...

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Q&A About Interlocks

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Interlock Questions?

What you nee to know and should ask before installing an ignition interlock.


We have spared no expense in getting the very best for our customers. We know how important it is to have an interlock that is reliable and accurate. Unreliable machines can give false tests and put customers in difficult situations. We don't let that happen.....

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